Day Camp

Day Camp is Copyright Pet Resort's dog day care program. Your pooch's day will be filled with fun, exercise, and socialization... along with lots of spoiling and one-on-one attention. We welcome dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages that have non-aggressive behavior. Proof of current vaccinations is required. Day Camp is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.

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Day Camp Rates

  • C - Regular Paying Daily - $20.00
  • D - Regular 5 Day Punch Card - $75.00

Effective on all check-ins as of - January 4, 2021

Why you Will Love Day Camp For Your Pooch

  • The Home Alone Reason: Some dogs left unattended can be destructive.
  • The "I'm Just Too Exhausted" Reason: You put in a hard day at work, so let your best friend wear down his energy romping and playing at Day Camp.
  • The Socialization Reason: Your pet will interact with other dogs in a controlled setting and learn acceptable behaviors.
  • The Busy House Reason: Remodeling a room? Having a party? Getting a new roof? Whatever the reason and whenever you need, have your pet out of the house.

Why your pooch Will Love Day Camp

  • Outdoor Activities: Large fenced-in play yard complete with playground specially designed for dogs.
  • Swimming Pools: 3 different sizes ranging from large for the experienced swimmer down to wading pool for the learners and loungers.
  • Indoor Lounging: Complete with day beds for those Pampered pooches.
  • Socializing: Free to roam with your best friend anywhere the heart desires.
  • TLC: Plenty to go around.