Activities & Extras

Dogs are no different than people, with varying exercise needs and activity levels. We offer activities to meet the individual needs of our four-legged guests. An active pet is a happy pet! Our activities offer one-on-one exercise in a controlled setting with individual attention. This is a great way for pets to get out in the fresh air, exercise, and play. Activities and treats are charged according to the frequency your pet receives them; daily, twice daily, every other day, or just pick and choose a day while your pet is here.

TLC "Tender Loving Care" ($6.00)

Special private indoor attention, roaming around and feeling IMPORTANT! Cuddle time, brushing, loving, and head scratching.

Frozen Yogurt Break ($2.00)

Perfect for the pampered pet, both dogs and cats.

Kitty Caviar ($2.00)

Tuna, salmon or sardines - whatever the catch of the day is. It's the cat's meow and is delicious, too!

Peanut Butter Bars ($2.00)

Better than a PB&J - because it's peanut butter sandwiched between two giant doggie biscuits! What more could a pooch ask for?

Playtime ($6.00)

Outdoor romping, frisbee tossing, chase & fetch. At least 15 minutes of pure joy.

Walk & Play ($11.00)

This is a 30-minute walk through the nature trails on our 9 acres. A must for the active and "figure conscious" pet.

Short Exercise Walk ($6.00)

Perfect for those pets with excellent house manners or those that are used to being walked for exercise and to do their outside duties. This is at least 15-minutes of exercise.

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