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The place to stay when the folks are away since our personal attention includes a hug a day!

An Active Pet is a Happy Pet!

Because dogs are no different than people, with varying exercise needs and activity levels, Copyright Pet Resort offers activities to meet the individual needs of our four legged guests.

Our individual activities offer one on one exercise for pets in a controlled setting. Pets receive individual attention during each exercise session. This is a great way for pets to get out in the fresh air, exercise and play while getting to know the day care staff. Call us at 931-528-8007 if you have any concerns or questions.

Special Boarding Activities

TLC “Tender Loving Care” ($4.00)

Special private indoor attention, roaming around and feeling IMPORTANT! Cuddle time, brushing, loving & head scratching.

Frozen Yogurt Break ($2.00)

Perfect for the pampered pet, both dogs and cats

Kitty Caviar ($2.00)

Tuna, salmon or sardines - whatever the catch of the day is. It‘s the cat‘s meow and delicious too!

Peanut Butter Bars ($2.00)

Better than a PB&J! Because it‘s peanut butter sandwiched between two giant doggie biscuits. What more could a Pooch ask for?

Playtime ($4.00)

Outdoor romping, frisbee tossing, chase & fetch. At least 15 minutes of pure joy.

Nature Hikes ($8.00)

This is a 30-minute walk through the nature trails on our 9 acres. A must for the active and “figure conscious” pet.

Short Exercise Walk ($4.00)

Perfect for those pets with excellent house manners or those that are used to being walked for exercise and to do their outside duties. This is at least 15-minutes of exercise.

Pool Privileges ($3.00)

A splashing good time for the active pet. We offer a large 392-gallon swim tank for the big guys and gals, or a wading pool for the non-swimmers or smaller dogs.

YOU set the Schedule

These activities & treats are charged according to the frequency your pet receives them daily, twice daily, every other day, or just pick and choose a day while your pet is here.

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Pets Pro Care As members of the Pet Care Services Association, we are committed to meeting a high standard for conscientious care for the animals you entrust to us. Our team is specially trained to provide your pets with compassionate attention to make their stay comfortable.

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