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Dog Daycare (Day Camp) in Cookeville TN

Yippee! We now have daycare at Copyright Pet Resort. Your pooch’s day will be filled with fun, exercise and socialization…along with lots of spoiling and one-on-one attention.

Why you will LOVE for your pooch to go to Day Camp

  • The Home Alone Reason – Some dogs left unattended can be destructive
  • The “I’m Just Too Exhausted” Reason – You put in a hard day at work, let your best friend wear down his energy romping & playingat Day Camp.
  • The Socialization Reason – Your pet will interact with other dogs in a controlled setting and learn acceptable behaviors
  • The Busy House Reason – Remodeling a room? Having a party? Getting a new roof? Whatever the reason and whenever you want or need have your pet out of the house.

Why your Pooch will LOVE Day Camp

  • Outdoor Activities – 2 Acre fenced in Play Yard complete with playground especially designed for dogs.
  • Swimming Pools – 3 different sizes from large for the experienced swimmer down to Wadding pool for the learners and loungers.
  • Indoor Lounging – Complete with Day Beds for those Pampered Pooches.
  • Socializing – Free to roam with your best friend anywhere the heart desires.
  • TLC – Plenty to go around.

We welcome dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages that have non-aggressive behavior. Proof of current vaccinations is required.

2 Packages available

  • By the day – $17
  • 5-Day Pass – $68

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